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I have been a patient of IPT on and off since 1995.  Judy Ryan has treated me for lower back problems, after surgeries for rotator cuffs, torn meniscus, and total knee replacement. Everyone there cares about the patients and wants them to heal and be pain free when they are finished with their physical therapy. Every patient is different and has different needs, they recognize that and set up your treatment to fit your needs. They take the time to work with you. I wouldn't go anywhere else.     

 A Happy Patient, 
Carol Candeloro 

 I have been coming to international physical therapy for a number of years for Parkinson's related symptoms .I have been to many other pt facilities and I can honestly say that none even come close to the care  and attention one receives at international. All the exercises, treatments and massages are individually tailored for your specific problems. Judy has magic hands and is relentless in getting you to the optimum state possible. The staff are pleasant and helpful. 

I can't imagine getting by without  the love and care of this special place. I would highly recommend them to  any one needing pt!!

Emanuel C.

About Us
International Physical Therapy specializes in providing one-on-one care with the individual. We are independently owned and operated unlike many other physical therapy programs. Our physical therapist Judy Ryan, with 26 years of experience, provides the upmost care with all patients. IPT delivers a level of care like no other. We specialize in care of:
·         Neurological Disorders
·         Manual Lymphatic Draining
·         Spine Programs
·         Orthopedic Rehabilitation
·         Areas of Specialization such as TMJ, RSD, & Pediatric Services and so much more!

Why Reflexology? By applying pressure to different areas of the foot, stress and tension can be relieved throughout the body. Reflexology is known to treat medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, and pain. This technique is safe, relaxing, and medically beneficial. Researchers have also discovered that not only does Reflexology relieve physical pain, but also mental health and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, while enhancing sleep and relaxation.